Ydilo Enterprise Virtual Assistant (EVA)

Artificial Intelligence expert in serving people

Ydilo EVA is the most advanced SaaS automated customer care platform, uniquely combining the best Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies.

In addition to allowing high cost savings, solutions based on Ydilo EVA provide the customer with a real conversational experience, whatever their preferred channel at any time: telephone, instant messaging, apps, web, SMS ...

Ydilo EVA also incorporates cutting-edge technology in the field of Text Analytics, which allows you to extract from the intentions of your customers key information for your business in real time.


Ydilo's technological solutions

The ideal combination of services and technology at your disposal


Ydilo's technological platform is the result of decades of work to obtain what companies demand: all the advantages provided by the application of Artificial Intelligence to businesses without the need to have their own resources.

It is constituted by Ydilo Cloud, a set of servers with an architecture specifically designed to execute SaaS solutions for companies, and Ydilo EVA, the omnicanal Artificial Intelligence applications platform.

The tailor-made solutions developed by our team of professionals ensure the success of the automation of services and allow us to reach levels of self-management and satisfaction unmatched in the current scenario.

About us

Why Ydilo?

SaaS solutions in omnicanal attention cloud for medium and large enterprises

Ydilo is the supplier of reference in the management and automation of all types of business processes related to Customer Service, using the best combination of technologies and the most effective design of Artificial Intelligence.

You will increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs without worrying about complex development and implementation processes.

Ydilo's conversational solutions allow operators, banks, public administrations and large corporations to automate the management of their clients in a natural, secure and efficient way in any device or interaction channel.

Agile deployment of advanced conversational solutions
> 1 billion transactions managed in various channels
High rates of automation of complex services
Experts in increasing user satisfaction
Management of critical services in 24x7
Experience in automation of multiple business processes (customer care, debt recovery, eCommerce, ticket sales, surveys, etc.)

Leading Call Center Automation for 20 Years

Cost savings

Comunications handled

Surveys conducted

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