Advanced IVRs and Voice Portals

What do we offer?

Ydilo offers voice applications (IVRs) developed with the best and most widespread platforms in the market, with the robustness required for the management of high volumes of calls.

Both hosted or SaaS (Software as a Service), our company clients and their millions of users enjoy the best natural language recognition services and solutions, with over 100 million calls a year attended entirely automatically, covering such needs as:

  • Voice portals based on free-style speech technology (open-ended question)
  • Agent-assisted IVRs.
  • Debt collection and credit card payments.
  • Automated surveys.
  • Advanced call routing.
  • Voice ticketing.
  • Banking enquiries and operations.
  • Automated information delivery (balance, new products, personalized offers and promotions, alerts, etc.).

Our solutions have an intuitive, agile, dynamic and personalized interface tailored to customer profiles. The development platforms and technologies used by Ydilo make the most of any communication channel, enabling the integration of self-service mobile applications or IVRs into CRMs, ERPs, CMSs or any other corporative system necessary for customer care provision.

Through a methodology endorsed by hundreds of projects developed and deployed on time and budget, Ydilo combines long-standing experience, flexibility and innovation capability to take on any strategy of service development demanded by the modern business world.

Pay debt IVR

Ticketing IVR