Basic self-service for SMEs

High tecnology for small and medium businesses

We adapt to the size and particular needs of your business. Do not renounce the most advanced technology that enables significant cost savings while maintaining a level of service comparable to any other high-performance system. Our designs and integration capabilities enable the incorporation of other features, adapted to the potential growth of your business.

Our services are fully modular to address specific company needs in one or more stages of the services life cycle. Alternatively, Ydilo also offers a full 360 degree turnkey package for these solutions, including development, deployment, operation, maintenance and upgrading. And if your company already has a basic automated system based on speech recognition or touch-tone, we help you improve it. There are no IVR systems negatively affecting customer service quality, but poor designs and lack of methodological rigor and experience.

Explore the possibilities of technology for your business: basic routers directing calls to the right agent, virtual operators, outbound surveys, proactive alerts and messages to your customers, quick and easy point and balance inquiries, basic operations such as payments or entries, etc. In short, all those automatable interactions leading to significant cost savings and a more efficient use of agent time for higher value tasks.

Contact Center solutions for SMEs offered by Ydilo: consulting, automatic or outgoing information.