About Us

Ydilo holds a unique position as a leading provider for the management and automation of customer care business processes and value-added services, using the state-of-the-art technologies for mobile devices, speech recognition and multi-channel customer interaction analysis.

The Ydilo products and solutions enable telecommunications operators, banks, public administration, contact centers and other large enterprises to automate their customer care and other business processes as well as to extend the reach of their products and services naturally to their customers through any device or channel intuitively and efficiently.

Our philosophy

With a clear commitment to service, Ydilo offers its customers its expertise and know-how to enable them to prioritize the alignment of technology with real business needs. Since its inception in 1999, he has committed to high quality automation as a vehicle for achieving cost savings in the contact center but without a negative impact on user satisfaction. Increased competition and rapid growth of markets force companies to become more competitive and streamline their operations, including customer service, lower costs and increase retention rates and satisfaction levels.

To this end, we have developed cutting-edge technology platforms based on the latest advances in information technology. This has allowed us, regardless of the interaction channel used by customers to offer a robust, flexible, high-quality and constantly updated service.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Multidisciplinary team: We believe in the diversity of professional services: network and telecommunication engineers, programmers, analysts, technologists, graphic designers and linguists and experts in interface design and usability to cover every stage of the project life cycle.
  • Usability: Our team of voice and graphic interface experts works from the end customer’s perspective, thereby achieving automated customer service, adapting the technology to their needs and expectations to provide the most satisfying interaction experience.
  • Integrated systems and context information: To provide personalized attention, every customer service channel considers caller history including data from previous interactions with the company. Integration with CRMs, ERPs and databases enables direct marketing and data mining oriented to Business Intelligence.
  • High availability and reliability: Our services handle as many calls or requests as necessary, peaks or unexpected events, taking into account high availability and business continuity required by companies with millions of customers who must be attended under a 24×7 basis with all guarantees.
  • Comprehensive professional services: We deploy our services without complex migrations or costly long-term projects. This is why Ydilo services are architected around a business process outsourcing model: design, development, testing, integration, deployment, monitoring and maintenance.
  • Multichannel strategy: We are fully aware of the importance of bringing automation and self-service to any interaction channel (mobile devices, landline, web or social networks) under the same standards of usability, robustness and consistency of contents.

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