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Ydilo launches a new mobile application for real-time survey results

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As an added value to their comprehensive survey solution, Ydilo launches a mobile application available to its customers so they can check the results of automatic surveys through a simple and intuitive interface, anytime from any device. In this way, we want to facilitate analysis and decision making, linking the results to concrete actions that help them to maintain a continuous dialogue with their own customers.

New mobile application for real-time Ydilo survey results

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Ydilo commits to quality as a member of the AEC

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Once again, Ydilo reinforces its commitment to quality by becoming a partner member of the ACS.

The Spanish Association for Quality (AEC) is a private non-profit organization, founded in 1961, whose purpose is to promote and support the competitiveness of Spanish companies and organizations, promoting the culture of quality, innovation and sustainable development. ACS also maintains institutional relations with both public and private agencies, working with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Latin American Foundation for Quality Management (FUNDIBEQ) and is a member of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), which undoubtedly contributes to improving the positioning of Spanish companies in the global market.

Thus, Ydilo becomes part of a space of relationship and exchange of knowledge, experience, best practices, up-to-date information on the sector and professional development.

In Ydilo, we are fully aware that the quality management and control has become an increasingly complex and fascinating challenge for any company that wants to open, maintain or expand its niche in the current market. We can categorically speak of a revolution of the business model which is driven by technological development, getting closer to markets and customers increasingly competitive, more active, more influential, better informed and with a greater communication and choice capacity.

In this scenario, as a supplier of services of high technological expertise and a solid experience in customer service, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to quality demanded by customers and end consumers and that we demand from ourselves everyday.